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Musician, Clinician, bass Player for the Victor Wooten Band.

On Teaching Pt 2. Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, unqualified teachers, and free throws.

Information by itself is not knowledge. It is by the teachers method that the information becomes knowledge. But having knowledge by itself isn’t always enough. Being in possession of knowledge gets a lot of people in trouble. Its only if … Continue reading

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On Teaching, Part 1 (A Book Doesn’t Tell You When A Student Doesn’t ‘Get It’)

As a teacher, you need to have 10 ways to explain the same concept. You might find that there’s a way that works best for you or the way that you see it, and that someone else from a different … Continue reading

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Metronomes, musical references, …..and flight simulators.

The question was posed to me, “Some say practicing to a metronome is not helpful to a musician.  Is there really a benefit to practicing with a metronome? What is the purpose” Here is my response. I remember when I … Continue reading

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The Mechanism of Working

The Mechanism of Working      The mechanism of working was a concept I started thinking about when I was a local musician that many people didn’t know about, and I was getting all this great work. I was getting all … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Bass?

Hey Everybody!  This is my foray into the world of blogging, and im going to post thought up here on at least a weekly “bassis” Knowing Your Bass (might be a discipline issue) Hey Everyone! My First Blog is one … Continue reading

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