About Anthony Wellington

Anthony Wellington is an innovative, groundbreaking, and world renown bass instructor, clinician and player. You might know him as the heralded “second bass player” of the Victor Wooten Band or from several articles in Bass Player magazine. Anthony Wellington is above all a teacher. He currently sees over 100 students a week (some who come in from a regular basis from as far away as Texas, North Carolina, and upstate New York) at BASSOLOGY (his lesson studio) in the Washington D.C. area and several more Skype lessons weekly. He also is a featured instructor at music dojo.com and has been an instructor at the Victor Wooten Bass and Nature camp since 2000, and a regular at Gerald Veasley‘s Bass Boot Camp.

In 2008 he co-hosted and introduced some of his unique profound musical concepts such as “The Rhythm Yardstick, Modes of Rhythm, and “Four Levels of Awareness” on the highly successful and critically acclaimed DVD “Victor Wooten Groove Workshop”. As a result, Anthony has become one of the most well known Bass Instructors in the world, and is in demand for sessions, clinics, and teaching opportunities. Of his teaching style he says, “I try to teach students that for every musical concept you know, you should know it equally four ways: physically, visually, sonically and intellectually. If you learn a new concept, or a new scale or new lick, ask yourself, “Of those four ways, which of these ways am I the strongest? And of these four ways, which am I the weakest”, you’ll always know what it is you need to work on. With concepts as strong as these it’s no wonder Victor Wooten says, “Anthony is one of the best music teachers I know….I would recommend him to teach anybody!”


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