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On Teaching, Part 1 (A Book Doesn’t Tell You When A Student Doesn’t ‘Get It’)

As a teacher, you need to have 10 ways to explain the same concept. You might find that there’s a way that works best for you or the way that you see it, and that someone else from a different … Continue reading

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Metronomes, musical references, …..and flight simulators.

The question was posed to me, “Some say practicing to a metronome is not helpful to a musician.  Is there really a benefit to practicing with a metronome? What is the purpose” Here is my response. I remember when I … Continue reading

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The Mechanism of Working

The Mechanism of Working      The mechanism of working was a concept I started thinking about when I was a local musician that many people didn’t know about, and I was getting all this great work. I was getting all … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Bass?

Hey Everybody!  This is my foray into the world of blogging, and im going to post thought up here on at least a weekly “bassis” Knowing Your Bass (might be a discipline issue) Hey Everyone! My First Blog is one … Continue reading

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